What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone is the most popular drug among professionals and sports enthusiasts. Regarding the reception and its effect, there are a lot of opinions: some consider it one of the most effective means for prolonging life, others argue that it is very harmful to our body. Let's figure it out.
Growth hormone is the strongest active drug for the active growth of muscle mass and the rapid reduction of body fat. But in order to achieve the desired results from taking this drug, a number of conditions are required, which not many people can adhere to (a rather rigid schedule of nutrition, training and injections). So what is the growth hormone cycle? Of course, the course of the drug and its dosage depend on the severity of physical activity and the type of sport, for example, the dosage of athletes reaches 8 units per day, which is insufficient for an effective set of muscle mass for a weightlifter.
Growth hormone is the strongest active drug for mass growth and fat burning. For best results, stick to your course, daily routine, nutrition, and exercise. The dosage depends on the severity of the exercise and the type of sport. For example, athletes reach 8 units per day, which is not enough for mass gain, and for physical indicators such as endurance, it is quite enough. In Deutschland können Sie es im Online-Shop https://pharmax-anabolika.com/ kaufen, nach der Bestellung werden Sie per Post mit Kurier Lieferung gesendet werden.
For bodybuilders, the minimum dosage of growth hormone should be 12-16 units, and the course should be at least 3 months. They need a large dosage, because the receptors quickly get used to the drug, so they should not be injected for a long time. After the course of therapy, a break is required equal to the length of the course.
Of course, growth hormone is not prohibited from taking for 6 months or more, but only in small dosages of 2-4 units per day. However, it is almost impossible to achieve hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle cells with this regime.
Growth hormone, referring to anabolic agents, promotes a more intensive course of metabolic processes and the production of free radicals in the body,
It is believed that taking growth hormone leads to a reduction in life and the emergence of a host of diseases: heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc. Which has not been proven in any way. Many Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Aniston (50 years old), Sandra Bullock (55 years old), Demi Moore (56 years old), prick him for rejuvenation - the effect on the face.
To make it clearer for a man, here are Sylvester Stallone and Jean-Claude Van Damme


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